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Twitter api nodejs

twitter api nodejs js. js Apps running on Google Cloud managed platforms such as App Engine can avoid managing user authentication and session management by using Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP) to control access to them. I have an web app with using Twitter API. Go to the “General Settings” page by clicking the cog icon next to your agent’s name in the menu, and get your API key. com/1. js. Fill it in our twitterbot. Integrate Twitter authentication into your app by following the developer's documentation. Select appropriate settings after logging in. You should now be able to connect to your server and send messages that get posted in real time. g. Twitter for Node. # traverse inside the directory. js. Stay tuned! Post registration, a node. js 16 release. If you read the first part of my tutorial, you already know how to make a Twitter Bot with Node. 1 project & docs on GitHub · changelog. js SDK. In order to see how easy it was to create a Twitter bot, for good or evil, … Twitter API: Extracting Tweets with Specific Phrase Twitter has been a good source for Data Mining. openid-client. var Twitter = require('twitter'); var client = new Twitter({. Okta JWT Verifier Node. js users and customers. # create new directory. No matter your reason, Puppeteer, Google’s Node API for headless Chrome and Chromium, makes the task quite simple for you. There are, however, good and logical reasons for creating Twitter bots. I use TypeScript for all of my node API so thought that I would share my updated post on how I built and use this starter for anyone that is interested. This link outlines everything we can do with our Twitter API. Client Libraries. The server handles user authentication, constructs the initial state of the app, and renders the initial HTML application shell. # initialize the package. x, 14. If you have also used any API before that would be a plus. For the node. okta-sdk-nodejs on npm. But hey, that’s no problem — I thought — I can create one of my own. Although there are several NPM packages for working with Facebook's Graph API, no NPM package seems to be as mature as packages for other social media platforms like Twit for the Twitter API. Esther Vaati 31 Dec 2018. An integral part of the platform is a Node. Install Chilkat for Node. Follow @typeahead Tweet Tweet The TextMagic SMS Node. 0a you need to get a request token and access token to authenticate to the Twitter API. The moment you write this the code inside the js file will start to execute. js Libraries . com; Ensure you have NodeJS and NPM installed on your machine. Wednesday, June 20, 2012. How to Build a Twitter Bot With Node. js. js page and add the following script: var Twitter = require ('twitter'); var client = new Twitter ({consumer_key: '{CONSUMER_KEY}', consumer_secret: '{CONSUMER_SECRET}', access_token_key: '{ACCESS_TOKEN_KEY}', Twitter for Node. I provide a sample implementation in NodeJS/Express. cd twitter-clone-apollo-server. NET 3. js wrapper can save you a lot of time, as it includes all the necessary API commands and tests. # Make a new directory mkdir node-api-client-demo # Change to the new directory cd node-api-client-demo # Initialize a new Node. Using Twitter’s API with Node. This SDK can be installed via npm. Home Node. 2 In this tutorial we'll go through a simple example of how to implement Basic HTTP Authentication in a Node. In this application, the API will allow us to search for tweets, and favorite the tweets that our application finds. io. js SDK . Specifically in that post I talked about making a specific call, and then getting a response back in a traditional request/response manner. In this blog, we’ll be implementing authentication with password hashing in a Node. I am new to programming and I have been working on a twitter bot that sends tweets from a specified user to a discord channel using nodejs. It only takes a few seconds to download it from GitHub and to install it into your own app or software. Twitter Lite is a client-side JavaScript application and a small, simple Node. This node js tutorial help to create rest api to listing table, add record, edit record and delete record from MySQL database. Node. We will going to use following node modules for handling session : Node Express 4; Body parser; MySql In a Node. Click ADD button before creating API, expand Additional Properties and select Identify Using with Client ID under the Security section. In case you want to write a new microservice with Node. In this tutorial, we will see how to convert web pages into PDF with Puppeteer and Node. NET Core 2. OAuth Libraries for Node. At the end of the Twitter sign-in flow, you will receive an OAuth access token and an OAuth secret. AI Node. set ( 'x-verify-credentials-authorization' , getEchoAuth ( "https://api. What is Node js? An Open source, Cross-platform, and runtime environment for executing javascript code outside the browser. Navigate to the Twitter API on RapidAPI. 3. js web application. com Twitter API The Twitter API is a set of programmatic tools that can be used to learn from and engage with the conversation on Twitter. js Here you can find the full source code! Wrapping it up Twitter API: Uploading Videos using Node. js Secure a Node API with OAuth 2. npm init --yes. If you're Downloading the Code replace the Keys and Work it out in Localhost and test the Streaming API from twitter. Today, the Node. We’ll be building a Twitter bot with Nodejs to track a specific hashtag then like and retweet every post containing that hashtag. js and Express. See full list on docs. js Angular 2+ Twitter API Angular JavaScript TypeScript Back-End Front-End REST API In this tutorial, you'll learn how to authenticate and connect to the Twitter API using Node. Twitter bots have been in the news over the past few years due to election meddling, not only in the United States but stretching across the globe. 0, ASP. (Node. The Twitter Node. Download NodeJs, Note: for this tutorial, version 8. js comes bundled with an http and an https module. js, Express & EJS – WP Rest API + newsApi. 0 was used. The REST API identifies Twitter applications and users using OAuth. 1/account/verify_credentials. Click on Apply for a Developer Account. You can check them in their github repo. com/1. What can we build using it? We can build Web apps and APIS using node js. Why node. com Here, we're creating a node-twitter-api instance using the stored consumer key, consumer secret and callback URL, of which the first two are assigned to your Twitter application. Now, in order to run this file, all you need to do is type 'node twitter-example. js Feb 03 2017 I work for an influencer marketing and data company, Speakr , and we work with social media APIs all the time. js file you will find these two lines of code: const dotenv = require ("dotenv"); dotenv. It supports Twitter’s REST and streaming APIs. twitter. If you can navigate and output data from this API, others will be a snap. js. JS code, avoiding any extra libraries. js. js file. js An asynchronous client library for the Twitter REST and Streaming API's. Your server will use the credentials you provided to create a Vonage Video API client. js. js sketch or bot. twit looked easy to use and pretty simple. However this is the basic part of Socket. io = Twitter Cashtag Heatmap 18 Apr 2013 • Javascript node. you could perform a lot when you go through the Documentation from Twitter!. Ask Question Asked 5 months ago. We will be placing all of our code in a single file for ease of use, but you can break the code out into modules if you prefer. js starter template that included authentication and had a SQL database. In this tutorial, I am going to show you how easy it is to create your own Twitter bot using node. json file. A few words on APIs Create a new empty directory and initialize it with a package. js. 4. 0a. And although Facebook has been releasing new Instagram API recently, they only support business clients. In this article I would like to present you how to easily create a Node. PayPal, Uber, Netflix; Build twice as fast with fewer people Add User Authentication to Your Node. Setting Up Creating A Twitter App & Getting API Credentials. So let’s start with installing the dependencies. Node. mkdir twitter-clone-apollo-server. Once you create your application within the Twitter Developers website and request an OAuth access token, you are ready to start using the Twitter API. nodejs twitter api get oauth access token and secret from request body. js community is releasing Node. This is where the npm package oauth comes in handy. json" )) . Tutorial built with Node. The Node. scrollTop is not working in android app in angular. js application. Login api will fetch the data from database. js® is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine. It will ask you to log in. Get it now on GitHub Your application and your users can access the Stocktwits social graph, display curated data streams, integrate watch lists, and easily share messages, links and charts directly from your application. Next, we will install the twitter-api-client package for easy interaction with Twitter's API: npm i twitter-api-client. The Crypto module for Node JS helps developers to hash user passwords. On the frontend NodeJS and Twitter's Stream API. Introduction to OAuth in Node. Who has time to read thick and complex books anyway? So this is your mini-book! The LINE Messaging API SDK for nodejs makes it easy to develop bots using LINE Messaging API, and you can create a sample bot within minutes. 11. This tutorial assumes an intermediate knowledge of javascript and experience working on the CLI. consumer_key: '', consumer_secret: '', access_token_key: '', access_token_secret: ''. We’ll be creating a Node. LAST QUESTIONS. js is often used in conjunction with Socket. Let's hop on Twitter! I feel like I can't provide the time/testing/code necessary to incorporate the pull requests or new changes to the Twitter API. js. js script: TWITTER_CONSUMER_KEY; TWITTER_CONSUMER_SECRET See full list on github. mkdir nodejs-api-auth && cd nodejs-api-auth npm init npm i express body-parser cookie-parser mongoose mongoose-unique-validator bcryptjs npm i --save-dev nodemon I tried to keep the amount of 3rd party libraries used to a minimum. I've discussed in a previous blog post about the Twitter API. I’ve started on a project where I need to call Twitter’s REST apis from a Node. Install Dependencies. Twitter has a HUGE amount of data within each Tweet Object, so getting to know the Twitter API and working with it can provide first-hand experience that can be used in any number of real-world applications. Twitter MySQL is undoubtedly one of the top picks for a relational database in every Node developer’s technology stack. RxJS – The site for learning resources and reference information for RxJS, a JavaScript implementation of the observer, iterator patterns along with functional programming with collections. While it won’t be promoted to long-term support (LTS), we need our customers and the greater ecosystem to try it out and give us feedback to help pave the way for the Node. Here you'll find the best Node. These modules have functions to create an HTTP server so that a Node. You can have multiple people connected and they should all get all the messages as they come, and they should get removed after 10 seconds for all clients. twitter. Below is an example of combining Bandwidth’s Messaging V2 API with Twitter’s API in order to allow a user to tweet using only SMS. Near the top of the api. json file by running the following commands from a terminal window. Pre-requisites: Basic knowledge of HTML/JavaScript; Node js should be installed in your system. In part 2, we will cover caching with Redis, PostgreSQL, logging and more. It usually means using a Node. 0, 2. The Okta Node. node-twitter-api. Rest API. Node. js using Twitter API (and ideally any other) authentication. js application to follow provided keywords on Twitter in real time. js, a popular framework that lets you run JavaScript on a server, as opposed to a browser, and Twit, a node. Twitter is undoubtedly one of the most successful examples of social networking to appear on the World Wide Web. As it posts request to the server. By Raddy in NodeJs · 18th September 2020. js file and type in a console. This, when completed will give you the API credentials required to use Adding API validation to your API end-point In the below video, you'll learn how to write your own custom validation using a library called "make-validation": Here's the GitHub link to the entire source code of this video [Chapter 0]. js applications. To use our tokens and API keys securely, we'll use the dotenv package: npm i dotenv. The REST APIs provide programmatic access to read and write Twitter data. In this tutorial we will integrate Twitter authentication with a RESTful API created using Express. Just like a very similar approach to google’s OAuth, you can also integrate facebook, twitter oAuth apis too with their respective node modules. We allow developers to programmatically manage an account’s profile and settings, mute or block users, manage users and followers, request information about an authorized account’s activity, and more. js server itself is powered by Express, allowing you to quickly build up a REST API without any hassle. js and Socket. Thus We had Successfully created a simple Streaming from Twitter Real Time Updates with Node. js core http module’s http. js and Socket. js; Grant 200+ OAuth providers for Express, Koa, Hapi, Fastify, AWS Lambda, Azure, Google Cloud, Vercel; PassportJS; OAuth2-client-js; Server Rest API to get single record from MySQL Database Using Node. js, then it is still true that we can build REST services with just Node. The Twitter APIs include a wide range of endpoints, which fall into five primary groups: Accounts and users. 12. js and Angular 6. Build News Website With Node. io. To no avail, however, as it turned out to be a useless, outdated piece of software. x release lines The Twitter Rest API Reference Documentation can be found here. . Integrating an application with SMS as in this example is a fantastic way to provide content and utility to users without their having to download an app or access a website. 6:30. An excellent Node. Google apis are not just for authentication, they are for many more. On the backend side we will use MongoDB as a database, Node. But there are almost 50 POST requests in the documentation! Things like: POST favorites/destroy: Remove a favorite I posted a while back about how I created a simple node. The name is still used in some code, and we'll keep using it here so the code looks more like our older tutorials. If that is the point, I would say that since we are using a node. Today we are going to build a simple News website/app using Node. Setting up Microsoft Graph API Test the query using Graph Explorer. IO – a WebSocket API that has become quite popular for use along with Node. x and 10. js if we already have other frameworks? It is super-fast and highly scalable e. js SDK can be used in your server-side code to create and update users and groups. This can cause port 80 (for HTTP) or port 443 (for HTTPS) to become quite crowded, and the solution is to proxy to the Socket. It's a great project for starting an MVP or side project. You will need the “client access token” to use the Node. js OAuth, node-fetch and twitter API. Authenticating users with Node. js We will create a GET type rest request to access a single customer record from MySQL database table. NET: ASP. Tweets are retrieved from the Twitter Streaming API using the Twitter Node. js API that serves data to your Flutter iOS or Android apps. js app to API. js is a concise practical book designed to help you to get started with OAuth 1. config(); It requests Twitter’s API service to give it permission to retrieve the relevant data from its databases such as follow, tweet, mention and other activities. In the second part of the Twitter Bot tutorial, we will continue to extend our Bot by adding functionality that will tweet back to any Twitter user who follows our bot . post ( 'your delegator api url' ) . When working with OAuth 1. js and Twilio SMS to catch those exclusive deals. download v0. Debugging and running To check for bugs in our code, go to your bot. It's simple to use and it's arguably the most stable NodeJS twitter client out there. IO server. Click on “Connect to API” and begin filling out all the required API Key fields and parameters. We will use twitter-lite as an API client to fetch the data. Now how to run this file All you need to do is type ‘node twitter-example. js’. I am working on a Using the Twitter v1. js. js) that is build with node. js Azure webapp will be created which, in turn, will call the app registered on Azure Portal using a token endpoint. Simple module for using Twitter's API in node. Create a new account for the bot. js for an existing database, it’s highly likely that the existing database will be the world’s most popular open-source database, MySQL. Let’s start the work with a quick introduction to what Puppeteer is. Note: Make sure you don't store these values in a publicly visible place, like GitHub. 0a API to tweet and direct message from NodeJS A tweet in the database is worth two in the API#. Active 5 months ago. Main focus is How to Connect to the Twitter API. Node’s ease of creating backend APIs paired with MySQL’s ability to support complex query operations provides a simple way for developers to build advanced web backends. log command. or see examples. To build a Twitter bot with Nodejs, you’ll need to take these steps below before proceeding: Create a new account for the bot Apply for API access at developer. js that retweets and favorites tweets using the Twitter API. The ap This is basically a brain dump of all the information I've learned about the Twitter API over the last couple weeks of playing with it. js + TypeScript API. Start by importing Express and creating the Express application. IO to Stream Tweets From the Twitter API. A: I guess that your point is that if we can or cannot create REST services without using pure Node. The best of the few seems to be facebook-node-sdk , but I hesitate to rely on it for a business critical app. js, Express, EJS and we’ll be also using some dependencies such as AXIOS, Body-Parser and Nodemon. I've Open-Sourced this project, and it's completely free to use 🙌 Some of the takeaways of this client: Includes 90% of the official Twitter API endpoints. An asynchronous client library for the Twitter REST and Streaming API's. Once loaded in the browser, the app requests data directly from the Twitter API. Begin Testing the Twitter API Endpoints. Node. Many data scientists and analytics companies collect tweets and analyze them to understand people’s opinion about some matters. js. js library is used to hook Pusher’s realtime API into the Node. com NodeJS and Twitter's Stream API. Installation Server shutting down itself using twitter api with nodejs and expressjs. On the most basic of levels an API is simply a way for one program to interact with another. Node. com Twitter API Programmatically analyze, learn from, and engage with the conversation on Twitter The Twitter API provides the tools you need to contribute to, engage with, and analyze the conversation happening on Twitter. Once you have your developer account activated, you will need to create an App. js. By the end of this tutorial, you'll have done the following: authenticate with the Twitter API what an API is; and of course nodejs; So it would be helpful to know what these are before proceeding. js SDK! Using Node. For this, we’ll be using crypto, a package password hashing for Node. 1 OAuth 1. js SDK. js SDK by René Raab allows developers to integrate the Twitter API into their Node. You need the following credentials set as environment variables when running the below Node. x, 12. One could argue that a downside of such a technical stack would be the lack of types – the fact that JavaScript isn’t a strongly typed language. request ): var request = require ( 'super agent' ); request. js in production all we have to do is to run: $ npm run start That’s it! If you have any questions or feedback, let me know in the comments down below or ping me on Twitter (@alex_permiakov). twitter. You can call Twitter REST APIs to read and write Twitter data. js Twitter API Libraries: twit, twitter-lite, twitter-text, twitter, passport-twitter, node-twitter-api, and more Go to Key and tokens tab copy Consumer API key and Consumer API Secret key. js Client for the Twitter API. js app in minutes. After installation, you'll then be able to send text messages. js API with JavaScript. The project and the source code will remain here on GitHub and on npm but there will no longer be any changes from my side. microsoft. While building a social automation and management tool, I wanted to test Twitter Streaming API on NodeJS. js library for interacting with Twitter’s public API. js program can respond to HTTP requests. , node. The moment you write this, the code Overview of the Twitters Trends App This app has a server and client component. 1/account/verify_credentials. Build an example chatbot that provides information about a movie using The Open Movie Database API. io Twitter • comments My friends and I have always tossed around the idea of using real-time Tweets to determine the popularity of a specific company. December 06, 2017, at 02:44 AM. The server component is a Node. js server. There are three main calls you can make with Twit: get(), post(), and stream(). If you need to sign in on a Node. I break down how to access data from the Twitter API using First thing I did was check for an Instagram API. js example with OAuth 1. js and for node. Node. js library (express. js) Upload Media to Twitter Demonstrates uploading image or video files to Twitter. We would be using the Unsplash and Twitter API. You might already have a Node. Using the API. Beat the Rush on Exclusive Twitter Deals with Node. AI using the latter’s Node. js SDK Reference. Setting nativeElement. js'. Let’s hook up our Node. js JavaScript app. #BlackLivesMatter New security releases now available for 15. Node. How To Guide; Sample App; Okta Node. Open your API Connect , use >> button which placed next to the Dashboard button, then go to Drafts and go to API tab. Apply for API access at developer. 05:40. js application, send the OAuth access token and the OAuth secret to the Node. The Stocktwits API is perfect for financial applications/websites/apps that want or need a social layer. By the end of this article you will be able to have a simple api endpoint developed in NodeJS and ExpressJS by building a simple app. Building a Twitter bot using Twitter's API is one of the fundamental applications of the Twitter API. Twitter developerでtwitter apiを提供しています。 Node. Node. js server. set ( 'x-auth-service-provider' , 'https://api. js SDK Source Node. Node. get()is useful for looking at particular tweets. Working with tweets from the twitter API probably means importing data into your own database - the standard API does not provide historical data (only the last seven days) and has various rate limits. To build a Twitter bot with Nodejs, you’ll need to Interfacing Twitter via api. To use the Twitter API, we need some information! A comparison of the Best Node. Well, to be honest, for many of the same reasons that you’d choose Node. 0, and Echo, and to implement a Sign in with Node. js. I’ve built a Java app before that integrated with Twitter, but used a library to help with the OAUTH authentication. jsのlibraryを使用すると、簡単にtwitter apiを使用することができます。 apiを使用するには、まず、Access tokenを取得する必要があります。 tokenを得た場合、libraryをインストールして、目的のメッセージをtweetすることができます。 The Pusher Node. Next, create . From your consumer code you can maker request with superagent or other http client library (e. To simplify our interactions with the powerful Twitter API, we will be using an npm module called twit. Whether you are learning about APIs, creating an app for a startup, learning about OAuth or just hacking around, Twitter’s API will be very easy to use. js is generally coupled with MongoDB and other NoSQL databases, but it performs well with relational databases like MySQL, too. As simple as this, you just need to have your TWITTER_CONSUMER_API_KEY and TWITTER_CONSUMER_API_SECRET_KEY ready: TWITTER_CONSUMER_API_KEY = YOUR_KEY TWITTER_CONSUMER_API_SECRET_KEY = YOUR_SECRET_KEY node index. Hey, it’s Tom, today I will show you how to get access to official Twitter API and how you can use it to build social media monitoring app in Node. Tutorial: Build a Basic CRUD App with Node. Installing any npm package is as simple as… Fortunately Twitter API gives us a possibility to follow a number of keywords automatically. To use the V2Beta1 client library: Enable beta features. js + Twitter Streaming API + Socket. For the login and logout api, We will be using the POST method of the RESTful Api . 0 Client Credentials As always, you can hit us up in the comments below with feedback or questions, or on Twitter @oktadev . OpenID Certified™ Client implementation for Node. end ( Querying the Twitter API Full documentation of the various Twit methods is available on github, but I’ll highlight what you need here for a basic p5. js Feb 03 2017 I work for an influencer marketing and data company, Speakr , and we work with social media APIs all the time. js project npm init -y Next, create a new file called index. Have an IDE handy, something like VS Code will be sufficient. send ( { }) //your json data . Now, for starting Node. We will use MySQL query to fetch a record of particular customer and send JSON data to the client as response object. env file that should hold the following keys: TWITTER_API_KEY= TWITTER_API_SECRET= TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN= TWITTER_ACCESS_TOKEN Twitter API: Uploading Videos using Node. js module. js for your other web apps and APIs: it is incredibly good at servicing large volumes of simple requests, you can code your front end and back end in JavaScript, and so on. g. In this tutorial, we are going to take another look at Dialogflow, an easy tool for creating conversational experiences for websites, apps, and digital products, using webhooks and NodeJS. js package. Dialogflow's V2Beta1 API offers new features that are not yet available with the V2 API. js libraries for building OAuth clients and servers. We can accomplish this with API Request Signing. js and Twilio SMS - Twilio Level up your Twilio API skills in TwilioQuest , an educational game for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Apply for it here. twitter. js Socket. Background knowledge: This article assumes familiarity with the HTTP protocol, web APIs and a basic understanding of hash functions. js reference documentation is an essential resource. The Vonage Video API was previously known as OpenTok. By far, Twitter has one of the most developer friendly APIs on the internet. 1 Tweeting using Node js 2 Like, Retweet, and Follow in Twitter using Node JS 3 Using Postman with Twitter API Introduction Twitter is a great social media platform where you can interact with a lot of people all over the world. js Docs – If you’re writing server-side JavaScript, the Node. And maybe the Twitter API rate limits. Sign up (or Login) for a Free RapidAPI User Account. A RESTful API in JavaScript can be built from scratch very quickly. Building a Twitter bot using their API is one of the fundamental applications of the Twitter API. I have shared node js with mysql tutorials. Click on Generate Access token & access token secret, copy Access token, and Access See full list on sitepoint. They can also make HTTP requests to other servers. js 15 with new features that are important to Node. 1. js/Express. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to authenticate and connect to the Twitter API using Node. Our how to guide will walk you through adding user authentication to your Node. In order to use the Twitter API Key to pull tweets and other information from your Twitter profile or other sources in the Twittersphere, you’ll need to create a Twitter Application through your account. After uploading, the media_id can be used to attach the uploaded media to a tweet. }); Inside our JS file, we will write the code to connect to the Twitter API. a detailed explanation about Ebook Pdf introduction to oauth with nodejs twitter api oauth 10 oauth 20 oauth echo everyauth and oauth20 server examples, its contents of the package, names of things and what they do, setup, and operation. js based REST API that accepts a client’s request to fetch the top ten Twitter trends for a given country and date. It may seem super-technical, but it’s actually very simple to do. json' ) . These rest api communicate with MySQL and update data into mysql database. js environment and a server run by the Express library. Whether you are learning about APIs, creating an app for a startup, learning about OAuth or just hacking around, Twitter’s API will be very easy to use. js module is available for interacting with the Twitter API called ntwitter. The V2Beta1 API might be changed in backward-incompatible ways and is not subject to any SLA or deprecation policy. In the first tutorial we looked at the POST favorites/create route which allows us to favorite a tweet. Other versions available: ASP. 2. js application that interacts with the Twitter API. The V2Beta1 API is not intended for real-time usage in critical applications. js applications. js app, you can communicate with web APIs by making HTTP requests. 224. To be able to access Twitter API, you need a Twitter Developer Account. Learn to build a Twitter bot using Node. By far, Twitter has one of the most developer friendly APIs on the internet. The whole idea of RESTful API is to transfer data without minding about the backend languages. Currently I have two different sets of code, but neither seem to give me what I need. This is third part of nodejs tutorial series to create restful api using Express node. js Inside our js file, we will write the code to connect to the Twitter API. There are a lot of npm modules available for Twitter but I went with twit. For example twitter-example. Looking around for a JavaScript library, it looks like node-oauth does what I need to do, so gave it a go. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. js . js and Electron using npm at Node. The client is a web app, hosted on Angular, that serves as the user interface (UI). Viewed 106 times 0. Twit will serve as our Twitter API client and you can install it by running this command in the same folder as your files: npm install twit --save After that is finished, we are ready to use twit in our code. js and Angular 6. js part we are going to add the following Twitter package make sure you open the correct folder in the terminal, then run the following command: npm i twitter Then we open our index. twitter api nodejs